Practice Areas

Criminal Law

Melissa Sanford represents clients at all levels of the criminal justice system, including municipal, state, and superior courts. The cases she takes on range significantly in severity, from citations to misdemeanors and felony offenses. No two criminal cases are exactly the same, so Melissa Sanford offers a personalized approach. Depending on her clients' preferences and the nature of each case, she can secure reduced sentences via plea bargains or use gathered evidence to obtain dropped charges. Look to the Sanford Law Firm, P.C. for advice and representation through every step of the criminal justice process.
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Family Law

Family legal issues can be especially difficult for many people. Along with the physical and financial changes that often come in your personal life when you face legal disputes with family members, there is also a good deal of emotional upheaval, which can make legal issues involving family feel especially overwhelming. When you face legal problems with your family, having an attorney with ample experience in the area of family law can make all the difference.
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